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About Us

Born in the South where a feast means getting messy with friends, the seafood boil has been bringing people together for ages. At Hook & Reel our signature boil forks over bold flavors with a genuine, down-home feel.

But eating seafood is only part of the fun. Everything tastes better elbow-to-elbow with friends, swapping stories over music, getting down and dirty and eating with your hands – all with a cold drink at the ready, ‘cause that spice ain’t no joke. We set out to share the saucy spirit of the boil with folks everywhere – testing our very own recipes, inspired by fiery Cajun home cooking. The Hook & Reel seafood boil dishes up the “reel” deal – the full backyard boil experience and flavor, with a twist.

It’s a party, so we always laugh loud, and eat big.

Ya comin?

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